Natural Perfume Ingredients

Our fragrances are created from the beautiful and beneficial aromas from flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, roots, wood, and resins.
Aromatic Ingredients

Stephanie’s purpose in founding SKN was to provide alternatives to mainstream perfumes without all the dubious chemicals.

For all our products, I use only ingredients that have been naturally derived and with as little processing as possible.  Whenever possible, I include ingredients derived from organic and wild-grown plants.

We’re highly committed to using only natural ingredients in everything we make.

SKN products do contain:

  • essential oils
  • botanical extracts – absolutes and CO2 extracts
  • botanically infused oils
  • plant/vegetable oils
  • plant/vegetable waxes

SKN products do not contain:

  • parabens 
  • pthalates 
  • synthetic musks
  • synthetic aromachemicals
  • isolates
  • ‘nature identical’ compounds
  • preservatives

Unless otherwise noted, all products are vegan-friendly and cruelty free – not tested on animals.

All SKN items are handmade by me in Austin, Texas. Note: While I plan to return to the Austin area, I’m temporarily located in Fort Worth.