Natural Perfume Ingredients

Aromatic Ingredients
Our fragrances are created from the beautiful and beneficial aromas from flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, roots, wood, and resins.

For all our products, I use only ingredients that have been naturally derived with as little processing as possible.  Whenever possible, I include ingredients derived from organic and wild-grown plants.

We’re highly committed to using only natural ingredients in everything we make.

SKN products do contain:

  • essential oils
  • botanical extracts – absolutes and CO2 extracts
  • botanically infused oils
  • plant/vegetable oils
  • plant/vegetable waxes

SKN products do not contain:

  • parabens 
  • pthalates 
  • synthetic musks
  • synthetic aromachemicals
  • isolates
  • ‘nature identical’ compounds
  • preservatives

Unless otherwise noted, all products are vegan-friendly and cruelty free – not tested on animals.

All SKN items are handmade by me in Austin, Texas. Note: While I plan to return to the Austin area, I’m temporarily located in Fort Worth.