Scents of Summer

Celebrate the hottest season with cool, fresh scents

It’s the season of family gatherings, travels, and backyard barbecues! Hot days are upon us, and it’s time to trade in your pants for shorts and sleeves for sundresses. So now you may wonder, does my fragrance need an update too?

Need inspiration? See Our Top 3 Scents for Summer


If you usually go dark and rich, like ambers, vanillas, and rich florals, you might think about opting for something lighter. Heat increases perfume’s sillage, meaning the scent picks up more quickly and with more intensity. On hot days, these intense, weighty scents just seem stuffy.

What makes a good summer scent?  Fresh fragrances like citrus, greens, and dry woods are always great choices, especially if you like to be outdoors. But you don’t have to avoid the other fragrance families to have a summer scent.

Florals – Flowers that are deep and rich like tuberose, orange blossom and jasmine sambac are often paired with deep and rich notes, so they tend to be the ones on the heavy side. For a brighter floral, look for ones like jasmine grandiflorum, rose, ginger lily, carnation or any that have base notes of greens, hay, or light woods.

Spicy – Smooth spices like coriander and cardamom are lovely. Clove, nutmeg and are generally too heavy and associated with fall and winter. Paired with greens like basil and juniper berry, black pepper works nicely for a crisp and bright spice.

Gourmand – Is candy dandy? Foody scents for summer are great if they’re bright and clean. Vanilla and lime can be a nice way to satisfy your sweet tooth, er, nose. Just try not to go full-on cotton candy.

Woody – Whether you go for sweet woods, dry woods, or somewhere in between, there’s a place for them all in the summer. If you like rich and sweet, a good true sandalwood is perfect no matter the occasion.  If you like the drier side, try mossy woods with oakmoss, cedar and fir. It’s like a refreshing forest experience without having to go camping.

Give a new summer scent a try!

Here are the 3 top fragrances for summer from my collection:


Inspired by an evergreen forest on a misty morning…
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Green Sun
Playful, free-spirited scent of green citrus and grassy notes…
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Softly spicy, warm and graceful. Warm wood with hints of smoke…
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