Romantic Massage Oil Recipe

Need a romantic gift? Try this recipe for a luscious all natural massage or bath oil:

Romantic Massage Oil Recipe

8 drops jasmine essence
2 ylang-ylang
6 drops sandalwood
1 drop ginger
1-2 drop nutmeg
2oz unscented massage oil or carrier oil of your choice*
*Examples are sunflower, jojoba, macadamia, sweet almond, and grapeseed. I recommend sunflower as it’s easy to find and has a long shelf life.

Luscious! Of course you can experiment with the number of drops and customize it to your own tastes. That’s half the fun!

You can get all the essences in this recipe in my Romance Essential Oil Set, and you can also get an unscented massage oil to use as your base.

If you want these before Valentines Day, make sure you get your orders in today!

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