Nubi the Herbal Gerbil

The Herbal Gerbil

Hello! My name is Anubis, but most people call me Nubi. My human Stephanie invited me to come and write about plants, herbs and cooking. I’m not yet much of a cook, but I really love organic food and experimenting with fresh home grown herbs.

Today I want to tell you about some lovely and delicious plants growing on the porch, although my human seems to think they belong to her.

See? This baby lettuce is mine all mine!

Mommy can I have it?

We planted green onion and coriander seeds. Apparently in some places the plant is known as coriander too, but here in Texas the plant is known as cilantro. The spicy leaves are popular in Mexican dishes, while the ground seeds are used as a spice in many cooking styles.

Coriander seeds also yield an essential oil that Stephanie loves to use.

Reaching out to the sun

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