New items to ‘Face’ Autumn! Sugar Scrubs, Jojoba and Argan Oil

Hi friends! Until now, my new “secret” items have only been available to those who visited in my shop at Sherwood during faire. Now as the weather is turning cooler, this is the perfect time to try out these great handmade facial products that provide moisture and nourishment for your skin.

First, we have two types of Sugar Scrubs, Sunflower Oil and Jojoba Oil. The Sunflower is extra hydrating for dry skin, while the Jojoba is perfect for oily and combination skin.  Not to brag, but the scent of the essential oils in these scrubs is AMAZING. I’ve blended lemon, rosewood, lavender and a bit of tea tree specifically for their properties for facial skin, but the scent of this combination will take you away.

sugar scrubs with natural oils

Sugar Scrub with Sunflower for Dry Skin

Sugar Scrub with Jojoba for Oily/Combo Skin

Next we have two facial/multi-purpose oils. One of the top beauty trends of the last couple of years is Argan Oil, also known as Morrocan Oil. This oil is a real workhorse of a product, since it works extremely well for a long list of uses for skin and hair.

While Argan can be added to all sort of products, it’s most useful and versatile when as the pure oil alone. Many top brands carry pure argan oil, often as much as $50 or more per ounce. And yet, the commercially available argan oil is rarely organic and unrefined. The majority are treated to remove the natural color and odor in order to present a clear, scentless product which would appeal to a wide audience.

I prefer and recommend the pure, non-deodorized oil. I feel that whenever you’re using a natural oil, you always want to avoid any unnecessary refinement. To get the maximum benefits of a natural oil, like vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids,  you must get the oils as close as possible to the fresh oil pressed from the seed.

So when I found pure Argan oil that was unrefined and organic, and my friends and family begged for me to share my stash, I knew I had to share this product with my friends and customers as well.

Facial Oils, Argan Oil and Jojoba

Argan Oil  – Jojoba Oil

Lastly, to complement the Argan Oil, I also have added pure Jojoba Oil which may be preferred by those with oily, combination or breakout-prone skin.  Jojoba is just as versatile as Argan, although not as lightweight of a feel. Both Argan and Jojoba have anti-inflammatory properties and help to balance oil production levels.  Jojoba however is known to help soften blackheads as it mimics skin’s natural sebum and may help dissolve the hardened sebum that makes up blackheads.

You may also prefer the Jojoba for hair as it’s thicker texture may help it stay longer in the hair. A friend of mine uses the jojoba as a beard oil, and he’s said how he loves how it softens and tames the scraggly hairs while actually improving its color and shine.

Have you used any of the products mentioned above? Let us know how they worked out for you in the comments below!

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