Less scent, better sense of smell?

Most people I know like to keep a constant aroma in their home by candles or by air fresheners.  However, being in constant contact with fragrances, even natural ones, simply overwhelms me. In my studio and living space, I try to keep scents at a minimum.  Often I don’t even wear my own perfumes, but whether or not I do, I keep all other products that I wear as fragrance-free as possible.

Keeping the scents in my home at a minimum also helps me in my perfume blending. Being in a scented environment would dull my ability to evaluate essential oils and perfume blends.

I think a big part of why I seem to have such a sensitive nose is that I’m starting with a “clean slate.”

Just by removing scents from your environment, you can improve your ability to detect scents and all their nuances. Here are a few ways:

Cleaning up your laundry

  • Switch your laundry soap to a free and clear type.
  • Replace your softener with a cup of plain white vinegar. Fresh, soft laundry with no scent!
  • Don’t use dryer sheets. They are heavily fragranced and the chemicals in them can be irritating.
  • It usually takes 2 or 3 washings of clothing that has been previously washed with scented detergents and softeners.

Clean up your home

  • Get rid of air fresheners and scented candles. Even when these are turned off or not in use, these items emit a smaller amount of their scent.
  • Stop using deodorizing sprays. You know the ones–they’re supposed to remove scents or disinfect, but mainly they just add a bunch of chemical fragrance.
  • Replace or clean your air conditioner’s air filter regularly.
  • Don’t forget your car– today’s car fresheners are especially long lasting. You might not even notice the scent since our noses get dulled to them quickly. They’re really smell cover-uppers rather than removing stinky smells. Open up the windows

Reduce the scents you didn’t even notice you’re wearing

  • Count up all the beauty products you use on a regular basis. Each one of those personal products carry its own fragrance. Even eye shadow and other makeup powders carry a small amount!
  • Seek out unscented (or lightly naturally scented) replacements at health food stores, online, with and indie beauty makers on sites like Etsy.
  • Products for your face should definitely have little or no fragrance. Try using natural oils such as Argan and Coconut oil as cleaners and moisturizers.


If you like this or have any more suggestions, comment below!

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