Is it important to have natural essential oils?

Amber Bottles of essences

When and why would it be important to have authentic, natural essential oils?

If the only purpose of your essential oils is a nice scent, it may not make any difference to you whether or not your EO is really a pure natural EO. However for most uses, it’s important to know you are purchasing a pure and high quality oil.

  1. Aromatherapy — Aromatherapists insist that only natural plant extracts are appropriate for aromatherapy. Whole oils may have therapeutic properties that synthetic reconstructions do not have.
  2. Allergies and sensitivities — You could be allergic or sensitive to certain chemicals in the unknown adulterants.
  3. Higher cost — If you pay premium for an essential oil but you get a fragrance oil, you’ve been cheated out of the extra money you’ve paid.
  4. Internal use — It is crucial that you know what you are ingesting! If you intend to use oils for culinary use or any other internal purpose, not only must you research, research, research, but you must be certain sure you are using a true essential oil.NOTE: I do NOT recommend anyone but the most advanced and well-read users try using internally. Please do not harm yourself or those you love by ingesting the wrong essential oils!

So how do you know if your EO is not the real deal? See my next entry… Are your essential oils authentic?

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