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CostumeSometimes a girl never grows out of playing dress up.

Renaissance faire has become a hobby for my sister and I in the past few years. Attending one is fun in itself, but it’s all the more enchanting to dress up and immerse yourself in the stories of the past.

When my sister and I heard of a new ren faire that was set to be built, one that would be close to our hometown, we were interested. It had been a kind of dream of ours to own a shop at a ren faire, since we both created items that fit the theme. So when this opportunity popped up, we could jump on it now or never. The location was perfect, the organizers had vision, and we felt something really magical was happening.  So it was decided: we’re going to open a shop at Sherwood Forest Faire!

To do it though, we had to actually *build* the shop.  It was only through the incredible amount of help given by our family members that the booth was built. They were amazing and without their help, it would have been impossible.


Our shop, from the ground up

Opening weekend came and blew away all expectations. Experienced shopowners said that it was the most successful first year faire they’d ever seen.  It was an amazing time through the whole run of 6 weekends. This next year, it will be expanding to 7 weekends. Sherwood Forest Faire runs from late February to early April. Come and find us at Iris Adornments and Apothecary, booth 115, near the Seven Sisters stone circle.  The Sherwood Forest Faire website has info and will have tickets available when the new season draws nearer.


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