Fields of lavender

K. Tuck at
Lavender Fields by K. Tuck

In the Hill Country of Texas, there are a number of small lavender farms. I had wanted to visit them in June when the lavender is in full bloom. The Blanco Lavender Festival occurred about a week ago, so I will have to wait until next June to attend the festival. Many of the farms offer tours and events such as group cuttings throughout the season.

A bottle of lovely lavender absolute arrived a few days ago. Today I made a dilution, taking the emerald colored liquid and diluting it into my regular carrier, fractionated coconut oil. The scents has lingered all day, not that I mind at all! It is a beautiful scent, more evocative of the flowers and dried buds than the essential oil. If lavender essential oil is soothing, lavender absolute is a spa getaway. It’s less sharp and herbal, more bright and floral. I have been collecting samples of a number of lavender extracts for comparison, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post to be out later!

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