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Essential Oil Sets Are Here!

If I had a dime for every time I’ve been asked by someone if they could buy my essential oils… Well, I’d have a lot of dimes! Pure, high quality essential oils have been always been the core ingredients to my products, but up until recently, my private collection of oils has been private. So […]

On the blogosphere

SKN items have been featured on several blogs recently! First we have a review of my perfume samples on Craft Gossip Bergamot Lime Room Spray is featured in this lovely green gift guide Most recently, Sage Bergamot Massage Oil was featured on Indie Parade. Thank you all for your support! is now online!

Hello and welcome! It brings me great pleasure to announce that my website,, is officially open! You can now purchase my items directly through the website with our secure shopping cart. Even if you are not ready to purchase, do go ahead and register to subscribe to the SKN Newsletter. Don’t worry, we aren’t […]