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How To Store Perfume To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

When you’ve invested in an expensive perfume, you want it to last as long as possible. Here are 5 Do’s and Don’ts to keeping your fragrance fresh for years.

When you’ve invested in an expensive perfume, you want it to last as long as possible. Here are 5 Do’s and Don’ts to store perfume and make your fragrance last for years. Don’t: Keep perfume in the bathroom Heat and humidity are enemies of fragrance, and both are found abundantly in your bathroom whenever you bathe or shower. […]

Scents of Summer

Celebrate the hottest season with cool, fresh scents It’s the season of family gatherings, travels, and backyard barbecues! Hot days are upon us, and it’s time to trade in your pants for shorts and sleeves for sundresses. So now you may wonder, does my fragrance need an update too? Need inspiration? See Our Top 3 Scents for Summer If you usually go dark […]

What is “Amber” in Perfume?

Amber is a scent so popular, nearly every perfumer has a version of it. But what exactly is it? Amber essential oil? I’m sometimes asked where to get ‘amber essential oil’, which is at best a misnomer. Unless we’re actually talking about ambergris or fossilized amber oil, both very uncommon, the amber in fragrance is always a blended […]

Essential Oil Sets Are Here!

If I had a dime for every time I’ve been asked by someone if they could buy my essential oils… Well, I’d have a lot of dimes! Pure, high quality essential oils have been always been the core ingredients to my products, but up until recently, my private collection of oils has been private. So […]

The Story of the World’s Oldest Clove

Clove Buds

  This morning I ran across an article that I have to share with you. This is the story of  The World’s Oldest Clove Tree Can you imagine the days before cloves were available in every market? When a pair of islands held the entire world’s supply of the spice. In these days, the spices were […]

Do essential oil perfumes need to be in amber bottles, not clear?

Christine from Canada asks: When youre working with essential oils, they always say to store them in a cool dark place and to store them in a colored bottle like amber. Do you still have to store them in a colored bottle once your perfume is diluted and all done? Because I noticed that your […]

Q&A: Mixing uncut perfume and cologne oils

From Chris:

Hi Stephanie, I don’t have a perfume making advice question as much as a simple yes or no question. Can the 100% cologne oil knockoffs that you can buy from places like and be mixed with alcohol to create an edp or edt? I have no idea about perfume making, but was curious if this was the only step that is needed to make the product a spray. I can’t find the answer anywhere. thanks for the help if you can answer. I look forward to your site.

Chris, this is a great question.

Essential Oil Types or Groups

Group of Essential Oil from TO-FU on Vimeo. I stumbled across this motion-graphic that  shows essentials oils in groups of similar scents. They color code the categories and arrange them in a wheel, basically a simplified version of a scent color wheels. This is a very useful way of looking at and categorizing essential oils. […]

Less scent, better sense of smell?

Most people I know like to keep a constant aroma in their home by candles or by air fresheners.  However, being in constant contact with fragrances, even natural ones, simply overwhelms me. In my studio and living space, I try to keep scents at a minimum.  Often I don’t even wear my own perfumes, but […]

Natural Materials: Ylang ylang Essential Oil

Many people ask about ylang-ylang. This tropical flower makes an essential oil that is a sensual and exotic floral. Ylang-ylang Source – Canaga Odorata from Indonesia, Philippines and Polynesia Plant parts used – flowers Aromatic extract– Steam distilled essential oil Ylang has a very unusual scent. Unlike many other florals that are light and delicate, […]

Natural Materials: Patchouli Essential Oil

patchouli oil

Patchouli, the ultimate “love it or hate it” scent! People often say they can’t stand the patchouli scent, and they are surprised to learn it is a part of a perfume they really love. Even a scent as intense and recognizable as patchouli can be tamed into subtlety in the right blend. Patchouli Essential Oil Source – […]