Austin Fashion Week

Austin Fashion Week Runway Show

Austin Fashion Week Runway Show

Last week we had big hubbub around town–Austin Fashion Week! I had never attended, so Saturday I came out to the 50 Shades of Fashion (dress code black, white and all shades in between) at the Urban Betty Salon and Rae Cosmetics. My friend Cathy mentioned she’d be going, and sure enough we met up and got to hang out.

Cathy is a social butterfly extraordinaire–total opposite of me and my complete awkwardness–and she blogs at Austin Slave to Fashion. She was sweet enough to write about me too:

If you ever meet her, you should smell her – she smells AMAZING. She has her own line of natural perfumes and always smells so pretty without it being overpowering.

Aww! See that? That’s me blushing. Thank you Cathy!

After that party, I headed to Joie De Vie Salon for a runway show by Electric Frenchie and Bloomers. Rather than the usual elevated runway, they rolled the red carpet down the middle of the salon, parting the crowd like a red sea. The bright lights and huge crowd kept the room even hotter than out in the August air, but then the show started and the models brought the real heat!

It was great to get out there and meet some people and see new places. I’m looking forward to the next AFW, plus coming up in October there’s Austin Beauty Week to look forward to as well!

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