Stephanie K Vinson

An unlikely perfumer

I grew up with no exposure to the world of perfumery. My mother had severe sensitivities to fragrance, where even a minor exposure produced excruciating headaches. So aside from magazine ads with scent sprayed into a gluey fold–which always smelled awful–there were never fragrances in my home.

When I became a teenager and girls my age began to wear fragrance products, I found that I too fell victim to headaches and migraines from inhaling the vaporous clouds of scent.

I thought I would be relegated to unscented products for all my life, and all I really wanted was to be able to wear something that made me smell and feel beautiful.

My mother began using essentials oils for aromatherapy and household use, and I realized I could use them for fragrance without the headaches.

I wanted more people to have access to natural and eco-friendly fragrance alternatives, so in 2007 I began to make and sell natural perfume blends.

A different kind of perfumery

I blend my creations using strictly plant essences, so that people with sensitivity to fragrance may be able to enjoy them too. My bath and body items follow the same standards of being 100% plant-derived and containing no artificial anything.

With each fragrance, I aim to celebrate the unique beauty of natural essences.

I often start with just one or two essences that I intend to be the focus of the scent. As I add essences to complement and enhance, it sometimes comes out as anticipated and sometimes it evolves into something wholly unexpected. Either way, the end result are these wonderful fragrances that I feel are are naturally more complex, nuanced and incredibly beautiful.

Everything is handmade with care, one small batch at a time.

Stephanie K Natural Perfumes

Aromatic Ingredients for perfumesStephanie K Natural Perfumes is a small niche perfumery line featuring handcrafted perfumes and bath and body products.

I sell my natural perfumes and bath and body items here on my site and at Etsy.

Each spring, I also vend at the Sherwood Forest Faire. My sister Kristin (of Faire Treasures) and I founded Iris Adornments and Apothecary, a shop combining our handmade wares.

Thank you for your support, and please enjoy a wonderful and fragrant day!